Our Wisconsin...Its Beauty...Its Bounty...Its People
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Is There Any State Prettier Than Wisconsin?  

The pictures in this soft cover book make a solid contention that Wisconsin's the most beautiful state in the nation. It's a great gift for any Badgerlander.

IF ANYONE needs photo evidence that Wisconsin is abounding with beauty, this just-off-the-press "coffee-table book" provides 148 pages of it.

It takes the reader on a virtual tour of the Badger State, from the River on the west to the Lake on the east...and from Beloit on the bottom to Bayfield at the top —all from the comfort of your favorite chair.

The photos are so large and vivid, you'll feel you're there...standing on a rural knoll overlooking yet another breathtaking scene that's "pure Wisconsin".

Without even buckling your seat belt, you'll be taken along backroads you'd likely never see on your own...past pretty farms that exude pride...alongside hidden ponds and quiet bays...and autumn maple trees that make you say, "Wow!"

Even people who aren't normally "book readers" will likely be hooked for hours.


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Our Wisconsin...Its Beauty...Its Bounty...Its People

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