Our Wisconsin 2018 Calendar
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There's No Other Calendar Like This

It's filled with date reminders and fascinating facts meaningful to Wisconsinites...and its large breathtaking scenes are like "wall art". Yet, just $9.98 for subscribers.

IS ANYWHERE prettier than Wisconsin? The pictures in this calendar make that a reasonable question and lead to a reasonable answer: Don’t think so.

Flipping through this colorful calendar is like taking a photo tour of the seasons...from the promise of spring...the warmth of summer...the color of autumn...to the purity of winter. We’ve captured the best of this state’s beauty in this calendar. Studying its large, spectacular photos is sure to lift your spirits and make 2018 a “very good year”. Each month takes you along a Wisconsin backroad you likely never saw before…past tidy farmsteads with beautiful barns and flower gardens...along hidden ponds, pristine streams and quiet bays...and below autumn trees that will take your breath away. The talent of Wisconsin’s top professional photographers transports you to all of these pretty places. Once posted, this calendar adds “wall art” and gives a colorful “lift” to any room or office as well.

Order Three...Fourth One’s Free

Yes, that’s our special offer for you. If you order three of these handsome calendars, we’ll throw in the fourth one FREE.

Plus, the shipping is a flat $4.98—no matter how many copies you order (sent to the same address). So this is a quick way to wrap up your shopping for lots of folks on your Christmas list just by making a quick phone call.

(WI Sales Tax is included in price)

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Our Wisconsin 2018 Calendar

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